Candle Packaging

Outside of graphic design, I am extremely passionate about home fragrance and actively participate in the social media community surrounding Bath & Body Works candles. Taking into consideration the thoughts and conversation around these candles, I have designed a number of different labels and collections as a hobby/passion project. These designs have high engagement on social media but is also an extremely enjoyable outlet for graphic design.

Pumpkin Café 2019 Collection - Candles

The labels in this collection of candles were designed around the theme of a returning favorites collection full of pumpkin fragrances that I would love to see come back. To tie in all these fragrances into one cohesive theme, I created the "Pumpkin Café" collection, complete with custom themed logo/seal.

Pumpkin Café 2019 Collection - Body Care & Hand Soap

Wanting to see how the above theme would fit into different product types, I also designed coordinating labels for body care and hand soap products – because who doesn't love pumpkin-everything?

Retro Postcard Summer Collection

Inspired by retro postcard designs, these candle labels are my own reinterpretations of the summer 2018 collection of candles. The designs feature filtered photos with grain and color adjustments to evoke a bygone era, paired with vintage typography. The collection is designed to evoke happy summer nostalgia.

Heartland Fall Collection

The labels and designs in this collection are my reinterpretations of the fall 2018 candles. These labels utilize "heartland" style elements that recall vintage-style Bath & Body Works. The commemorative 2018 "fall festival" decal and gingham elements reinforce the vintage feel.

Easter Collection

With many requests for a dedicated Easter collection of candles on social media, I imagined a new line of candles for the Easter holiday. The designs feature watercolor illustrations and a special "Easter 2018" stamp to further reinforce the collectible nature of the candles.

Pretty In Pink Collection

With the return of many highly-requested scents released for winter 2017, these labels were my reinterpretation of these candles  – all in one cohesive and festive theming. As a way to tie in these three scents, the "pretty in pink" concept was used for the design and also integrated into the celebratory nature of the holidays.

Halloween Collection

Demand for Halloween-themed products are extremely strong on social media and to take advantage of that, I designed a complete collection of Halloween candles. The labels are inspired by the traditionally spooky "Haunted Mansion" design. The collection features three gourmand/candy scents and three "spookier" scents for those willing to dare!

Fall Sweet Shop Collection

Inspired by the original Spring Sweet Shop collection of candles, these were labels designed to be a continuation of that theme but for the fall time.

Tea Collection

With a tea collection to not yet exist at Bath & Body Works, I designed a complete collection of tea candles. The designs are inspired by vintage tea packaging and feature both new, unique scents as well as a few returning favorites.

Vintage Boardwalk Collection

These labels were my own reinterpretations of the 2017 summer collection of candles that included the introduction of the Orange Creamsicle scent. I wanted to capture a more fun and nostalgic summer vibe to this line with labels that were colorful and eye-catching. The collection would also include the highly-requested and rare "Cotton Candy" scent.

Tutti Dolci Candle Collection

With the reintroduction of the Tutti Dolci collection of body care, I wished to see a matching home fragrance line as well. These were my designs for that idea and feature matching Tutti Dolci branding in four delicious scents.

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