CardRates is a personal finance site launched in May 2014 by Digital Brands. With nearly 1 million page views monthly, CardRates provides personal finance advice as well as credit card reviews. As the sole designer on this project, I designed the desktop and mobile websites and all accompanying branding.

Desktop Website Pages

CardRates was created with a clean and authoritative feel, utilizing sleek colors of dark blue and grey. Editorial pages focus on making content easily readable and landing pages for the card reviews utilize many conversion-oriented design tactics.

CardRates Branding Material

Following the brand and feel created by the website, accompanying print materials were created in the form of business cards as well as official t-shirts to be worn at industry conferences.

Article Feature Images

Editorial content on CardRates that are feature articles all have accompanying cover images that match the branding of the company that is being written about. These images showcase my ability to adapt to the branding standards of any given company as well as my speed of creating these images, where I created an average of 70 images across all sites in a two-week period.

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