DealCrunch is a website launched in April 2016 that covers in-depth retail industry news, features a community Q&A section and over 600,000 store coupons. As the sole designer on this project, I created the desktop and mobile websites as well as all logo, branding and print materials.

Desktop Website Pages

Designed to be a one-stop site for all retail industry news, DealCrunch was created with a sleek, professional look. Orange was used a main color to evoke associations of enthusiasm, freshness and social communication. All three sections of the site feature a very clean and easy-to-navigate design that makes the content the main focus.

DealCrunch Branding Materials

Following the same sleek, modern look set in the website design, the flyer and business cards were created with the same branding to be passed out at industry conferences.

Mobile Website Design

The mobile design was created to closely follow the content and design of the desktop site. Much attention was paid to the coupon and store pages as those heavily rely on conversion-oriented design.

Article Feature Images

Editorial content on DealCrunch that are feature articles all have accompanying cover images that match the branding of the company that is being written about. These images showcase my ability to adapt to the branding standards of any given company as well as my speed of creating these images, where I created an average of 70 images across all sites in a two-week period.

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