Magazine Layout/Ads

Pro-Ad Media is a publishing company located in Lakeland, FL. As designer at Pro-Ad Media, I created a number of different feature layouts, new magazine branding and print ads. The magazines and designs covered a wide range of topics from food, home & garden, lifestyle and health care.

Woman to Woman Magazine Features

As part of my work at Pro-Ad Media, I created a few feature layouts for "Woman to Woman" magazine. These are two variations of that feature article on style and beauty.

Magazine Ads

In addition to creating layouts for the magazine, I also created advertisements for local advertisers. These are a few of the print ads I designed for the businesses.

Polk Health Care Guide & Polk Elder Care Guide

Polk Elder Care Guide is Polk County's most comprehensive senior resource. The design shown here is the redesign I created for the magazine. Polk Health Care Guide was a new magazine that was created to have a similar branding and design to the elder care guide.

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